Tuesday, November 3

craft hope

Boy was I frantic when Craft Hope posted last week that project #5: quilts for Margaret's Hope Chest was in need of boy quilts. I hadn't made my quilt for them yet but my plan was for a nice girl quilt. So this weekend after playing around with some red and blue, I went to my green fabric drawer. That baby is PACKED. Last year my mom went through her green fabric and gave me a ton. So I figured green might work...

craft hope quilt

a real live boy quilt from my drawers!! who knew all these would work. I like the fact too that it is not juvenile at all so it could go to any age boy. Gregg and I decided it had a real jungle or swampy feel to it so I tried to quilt some long bamboo shoots. I am not sure how they turned out. I think I should have done more of them. or made them more even.

craft hope quilt

I used invisible thread for the top and cream thread in the bobbin. The backing is mostly cream cotton with 3 large solid rectangles.

craft hope quilt

This thing took me NO TIME to make. I started playing around at Lilly's naptime on Saturday where the fabrics and the pattern just made itself. Most of these pieces just needed a little straightening trim and went in as is. The brown I cut to fit in. After Lilly woke, I left the fabrics spread out and didn't go back to them until after dinner. By 10:30pm, I had the fabric top and backing sewed, and the whole darn thing pinned ready for quilting! I was even taking breaks because OREGON was stomping the crap out of USC. I guess that is what happens working with those big pieces of fabric. I have never made a quilt like this before. Only one thing I would change is the binding. I wanted to try machine sewing the binding. EEEEK! I don't like it. It is just a tad too messy and there is something about hand sewing that binding.

craft hope quilt

Gregg was so excited about this quilt. He wants it BAD. I told him who it was for and he didn't ask again for it but when I was whining about how bad I didn't like the binding and how I felt bad that some poor kid was going to be stuck with crappy binding, he did say well give it to me and make another one! I am sure if I mentioned I would have to go to the fabric store in order to make another one he would have changed his tune. man is he cute!

So now on to the next blanket project. I have one barely in the works for Lilly, she requested a blue blanket. But more importantly, I want to make a few blankets for the Mountain Baby Blankets project. Andrea suggested this project to me, so I finally took the time to read about where and why these blankets are needed, SO SAD! I am giving myself until mid December to get a few out to their organization.


Anonymous said...

The recipient of that beautiful quilt is one lucky boy! I love the color green.

Thank you for posting about the Mountain Baby Blanket project. It makes me wish I was better at sewing.

Evelyn said...

I love that quilt! I hope you don't fret over the binding - whoever gets that quilt is going to love it, no matter what the binding looks like. And it's probably more durable than one that's been hand-sewn, and that's a plus.

nicole said...

super cute!

UK lass in US said...

It looks great - perfect for a boy. There's no way that I could make a quilt like that in 'no time'.

CT said...

Hey! That is a very very lovely quilt!!! I really like the look!!!
Its been ages since I've made a quilt, and I want to make a hand quilted one... Too bad there's no quilting guild here or I'd try to make one for my parents for Xmas... Oh well! :D