Thursday, November 12

Crochet Heart Ornament Pattern: UPDATE

crocheted heart

I had a few requests for the heart ornament pattern to be written in a chart format. I can barely read crochet chart patterns let alone write one. After months of putting it off I finally did it and I think it will make a heart! I hope it will make you hearts and it is not just made up jibberish. All you expert chart readers please let me know if I can improve it at all.

crochet heart ornament chart pattern
other views of this chart can be found here. I should say that the large circle the stitches surround is indeed the 4th chain from the hook I just made it huge to write all the stitches around it. Geez I hope this makes sense!

Again, as stated in the original post with the pattern, the beginning of this heart is not my pattern it comes from Suzie's Crochet, post here. I made sure to ask her if it was okay to post the pattern here and lucky for us she agreed! Yay! happy crocheting!

crocheted heart

this heart is going on our Christmas tree, I have so many plans for ornaments this year. But I am not doing any supply shopping until Black Friday. I get just giddy thinking about all the deals that Joanns and Michaels will have. I can't wait for the sale flyers to come in the mail!


Anonymous said...

You're a Black Friday shopper too??!!! That is so cool!

Beyla said...

You're awesome!! :D Thank you so much for helping out a crochet written pattern challenged Norwegian!!! :D I am planning on making some of these in red for christmas this year - they'll look so sweet on the tree!!

Knitaly said...

Hi Jenni, I'd like to translate this pattern in italian if you don't mind.
We're going to make key-chains out of it and we'll donate them to girls in the hospitals. I've already made some, come and see our blog if you want.

farrah hanim said...

hey , i want to know how to make that crochet heart ornament pattern ??
can you tell me ??