Wednesday, November 25

turkey cards

Not too much to share in the way of finished crafts for me this week. I am knitting away on a sweet sweater for Lills. We sat together looking at possible sweater candidates and she died with excitement for this steggie sweater. I have the back and two fronts done, next up are the sleeves but I need to get some yarn for the scales. A few more blanket blocks are also in the works for the Schuyler Blanket Project. I am also planning my attack on Joanns and possibly Michaels for Friday. I have had my wish list ready for weeks, now to sit down and see what is actually on sale!

turkey cards

Lills made some turkey cards to send to our family but of course we are late and they are just getting mailed out today. She was such a little rock star with this project. We got the idea here but instead of that cool painting technique, we were lazy and cut circles(ish) from past art projects for the turkey body. We showed her how the turkey needed feathers, a head, and legs and she took it from there. Is it wrong that I wrote in the card that the crazy looking thing on the front was in fact a turkey?
turkey cards

wishing you a happy Thanksgiving! I think the Christmas craft season is officially ON on Friday, don't you?


nicole said...

OMG the sweater is too much. can't wait to see yours. ummm... how in the heck did i spend all my crafting money already and friday still hasn't come?! are there going to be ads to tell what is on sale?

Anonymous said...

I just love!! those turkeys!! so cute :) can't wait to see the finished sweater.
Happy Thanksgiving!xx

Stephanie said...

gobble gobble!
happy thanksgiving.

UK lass in US said...

I can't wait to see the steggie.

I didn't know that people send turkey cards. While I think that it is blatantly obvious that those are turkeys, I will admit that I got in the habit of writing helpful titles on my kids' artwork.