Tuesday, November 17


a few cozy knitting projects

:: mittens for my girl in her signature blue color.
Lill's blue mittens

She loves them. She really likes that they match her hat. Whew, she wears both now! I think there is something penquiny about her thumbs. I think next year I might try a different pattern for her.

Pattern: family of mittens from Holiday Knits
Size: smallest child size
Yarn: lion brand pound of love in denim

::Flip Top mittens for me!
flip top mittens

I love these babies. See the mods on my raverly page.
flip top mittens

Pattern: bulky flip top mittens
Yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds in earthy brown

::and finally an apple cozy!
apple cozy

I really love my apple cozy. I wash and dry my apple at home and then at work my apple is ready to go and bruise free! I think this would make a great gift but I can't think of anyone that I know for sure packs apples around. Gregg does and but I already asked and he declined an apple cozy.
apple cozy

Pattern: apple/pear cozy
Yarn: noro kureyon

I am knee deep in a pom pom project now. I can't wait until its done, so excited!


Anonymous said...

I bring apples to work! {nudge nudge wink wink} :)
I am envious of your knitting skills...you make such sweet, cozy things. xx

Anonymous said...

It's "November is for Mittens" month over at my blog. So far, I've completed 1 1/2 pairs. They are such a quick project. Love that apple cozy too.

Stephanie said...

Apple cozy - what a great idea! I don't go to work, but if I did that would be so fun to pull out.

nicole said...

i have been wanting those flip tops too! way cute. excited to hear about the pom pom project!

Meryl said...

Oh I think I need an apple cozy! I was cursing this morning as mine rolled out of my purse and thunked down onto the floor of my car.

Kristin Finch said...

I bet the kids at school would make fun of Gregg if he brought an apple cozy. I bet he is really envious of yours and wants one of his own.

Lola Nova said...

What beautiful, happy knits! Lovely work.