Sunday, November 8

Schuyler Blanket Project

music note and apple square blocks
apple pattern (the music note pattern is on that same site)

I just became apart of the following group on ravelry. I heard about this group by total coincidence. I had a nice comment from a blogger whose name I hadn't seen before. I tried to email her back to say thank you for her comment but her email wasn't linked up to her comment so then I went to her blog to leave her a comment. At her blog I came upon her own sad story and learned about the Schuyler Blanket Project (rav link):

The Schuyler Blanket Project:

Group to make blankets for parents who have lost their children in childbirth or early infancy, and to provide them with a tangible symbol of support and love.

The Schuyler Blanket Project began life as The Tammany Blanket Project, as a group of Ravelers came together to provide support for Tammany, a fellow Raveler who lost her baby girl less than an hour after she was born. Members of this group created a blanket for Tammany by making individual squares, providing her with a warm soft hug that she can wrap up in on the bad days.

The original Tammany Blanket is complete, and Tammany herself requested that we carry that mission forward in baby Schuyler’s memory to create blankets for other bereaved families and to provide them with comfort and love. Do you have the time and heart to make a few squares for a blanket that can change a family’s life? Please join us and see how a few hours on your part can bring light and love to a family who is experiencing their darkest hours.”

My heart goes out to these other woman and families that have lost their babies. We found out our baby had died at 13.5 weeks into the pregnancy but some of these women just have awful stories...loosing babies after 40 weeks of pregnancy, miscarrying their first baby, finishing the pregnancy knowing their baby wouldn't be able to survive outside the womb, loosing teenager children...stories that are just awful. I just can't imagine how great their heart ache must be.

I haven't talked much here about my own sad miscarriage just a few short months ago. I felt kinda silly having mentioned the pregnancy possibly too early here but I had been to the doctor, I had seen that precious heart beat, I thought we were well on our way to a sweet baby in February. Plus it is so hard to keep exciting news like that a secret. I have never been one for secrets, especially babies, it is just SO exciting. But then the 2nd baby appointment came on August 3rd and all that excitement was to stay in the past. To help keep my mind busy while healing I did a lot of crafting. Could you tell? I did a lot! It kept my mind busy. If I stopped I could get sad and I am soooo tired of being sad. So to help me continue to heal and look forward to the future I made these blanket squares.

crochet blanket squares
two regular old granny squares, yellow one is butterfly garden square, blue and daisy pattern

I hope this post is not too heavy, I like to keep this place happy and journal my ups and downs of different projects (mostly so I can remember what the heck I did and why). I debated for awhile on this post but this is a big UP and I wanted to share especially if anybody was looking for a project such as this to contribute too.

I will be back soon to share my FINISHED stocking!


Stephanie said...

I love the squares! How fun is that blanket going to be?!
I think your blog IS very fun and uplifting but I also think its nice to have support when sometimes being sad alone is just too much. Good for you for always looking for ways to serve others. Keeps me rethinking my life motivations. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy I left a comment for you that day. :-)

Deanne said...

Love you Nen. Love the squares too. What a wonderful project to contribute too. xoxo

Emily said...

Beautiful blog. Beautiful squares. Very touching.

Andrea said...

Oh, Jenni! I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I lost a baby at 9 weeks almost exactly five years ago, so I really know what you're going through.

Even though I'd known about that baby such a short time, it was still devastating to find out that the little life I was caring for and dreaming about was no longer there. One of the things that helped me was the many people who seemed almost to come out of the woodwork who had had losses similar to mine. Some of them were people I already knew, but didn't know that part of their lives. This bond, or sisterhood if you will, helped me get through the darkest days I've ever had to face. They shared their stories and let me know that it was okay to cry, to be sad, and not to feel guilty for the precious times that you do feel happy. Just know that you're not alone! (((HUGS))

Oh, and thanks for the info. about the Schuyler Blanket Project. It sounds like something I might be interested in helping out with myself.