Thursday, January 28

happy garland

crochet granny star garland!

crochet granny star garland!

crochet granny star garland!

crochet granny star garland!

All the pretty stars strung across my living room makes me happy! And as I look around my living room now, I see this garland, a pom-pom wreath, and some circles! Together they make me insanely happy!

*twinkle granny stars made from this pattern*
*the gorgeous quilt made by mom*


Dani said...

Holy smokes. That quilt is the bomb. Props to your mom.

Love your stars. Your living room is full of goodness. I'd be happy sitting there as well.

Sara said...

Super cute! I've just wisted it! I need to do something like this to make my new room in calgary feel more like home!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Howdy Jenni,
Just wondering what you used to string your garland. I have a plain white mantel in need of some color this Christmas. The colors you used would work great with my rug.

Take care,

jenni.simplebeans said...

I just used yarn with the stars strung across. This was really easy but the stars can slide around. One day when I don't feel lazy I am going to single crochet each star in place.