Tuesday, February 10

Lilly's Bobble Dress

Lilly's bobble dress

Lilly's bobble dress

Can't you just see this dress with some leggings and ballet slippers?! I am pretty happy with it. It took me two weeks to do which is pretty good because I didn't work on it every night....and my daughter is going to wear it in 2010! This is pretty big for her but at least it is ready and waiting for her little body to grow (however, I am not ready for that).

Lilly's bobble dress

I have to share a recent recipe with you too. Try Lentil Tacos. We are more burrito people than taco people so we put the lentils into a tortilla with rice, spinach, cheese, and tomatoes. AMAZING!


nicole said...

super cute!

Shorty said...

I love this little dress! You did an amazing job! And, thanks for the recipe...we'll have to give it a shot.

Rima said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Super super cute dress! Amazing. And I am going to give the lentil taco a shot. See you often in blogland!