Friday, February 20

a bib and tonight

I knitted this bib (pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting). It took me 3 nights. Really cute though. I would like to try crocheting the same size bib. I bet it would take me 1.5 nights. I am just so much faster at crochet than knitting.

February 249

Tonight is the night! Quilting! I sewed the back fabric up last night. Just a simple muslin. I ironed everything and pinned the heck out of it. The sewing machine is all set up. As soon as my girl is asleep, I will go to it. wish me luck!

February 251


Rima said...

Cute bib! I agree -- I am faster with crochet too.

The most popular said...

Is this your grandma's quilt you're going to quilt? Oooh, I have such a hard time machine quilting! I have machine quilted a few myself, but I usually "cheat" and have someone do it for me with one of those great big machines. I can't wait to see how it comes out! The bib is beautiful! You're going to have to make some for Brooke & Jake!