Monday, February 2

birthday week starts!

The birthday bunting is hung! It looks exactly how I pictured in my head I wanted our living room to look! I think I would love to make another strand to have one more cross over but that one is way on the bottom of the list of things to make.

Birthday Bunting Hung up!

Birthday Bunting Hung up!

Pear and Apple Dress

My mom made both dresses above and below for my girls birthday. Actually, the dress above was not planned but she feel in love with that apple and pear fabric (for good reason). I need to put the elastic into the arms to make proper puffed sleeves (remember Anne of Green Gambles? she longed for a dress with puffed sleeves!) Pattern is Simplicity 7189.

Flirty skirt

Cute right?!! The pattern for this skirt came out of Quilts and More magazine, information here.


jessica said...

Sooo Cute Jenni - Lily is so LUCKY!! Tell your mom I love her dresses too. the apple and pear fabric is so cute. I just bought some of this the other day!

Casey said...

that skirt is too adorable!

Allison said...

Wow--I love the bunting and feel like I could do it. The dress and skirt are precious!ablyma

pam said...

forgot to tell you I love the flags too cute yes Lilly is very lucky to have you OK me too