Sunday, February 1

No Blue Hats and Project Night Night

Happy February!

"No Blue" Hats is a project that I hope to continually work on. Right now I will focus on preemie and newborn hats. I used this pattern. My goal is to make two hats each week.

I found Project Night Night through my mom. She donated a blanket last year to Khadija at Barakah Life. Khadija organized a blanket drive through her blog. She is doing it again this year for Project Night Night. I really like this idea. You can even do this project locally! I thought about doing this locally for a bit but I think trying to organize project night night bags might be too much for me right now. Maybe next year for my 31st birthday (my 30th is next week, yikes!), I can do something like Kelly McCaleb, with a goal of putting together 31 bags or making 31 blankets throughout the year or getting 31 donations...

Here is a list of the items they need donated and specifications on blankets. I think even simple receiving blankets would be appreciated. Khadija is will be accepting donations until the end of February! her mailing address is below:

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Jessica said...

Albeit late! Thank you for your support!

The Project Night Night Team