Thursday, February 12

Last weekend's projects

Now that Lilly's bobble dress is done. I was able to knock out a few projects on Sunday. This week has been super slow for crafting due to a flu like bug and work, so I am extra happy I was able to get this stuff done on Sunday.

Donations for Kelly McCaleb's 31 Birth-days:
February 204

Barakah Life's blanket drive is still going on! Look what I found when I went to her blog the other day...she posted my mom's quilts! I have a few ready to send. And yes if you are wondering, that bottom one is the one I was supposed to donate to Project Linus but sadly I didn't read the directions before making it and it was too small to donate. But I am happy that it will find a home with Project Night Night.
baby blankets

baby blankets

Baby booties (pattern for sale here):

I have a friend, with a baby in her belly, who is a big Bronco's fan but her husband is big Charger's fan, so we will see which bootie wins out!
football baby shoes

These are for a friend who is having a boy. I really like the colors of these two.
crochet baby shoes

A nursing cover for a friend. (Jess, I hope you like it. As soon as I can find a box it is coming your way! Sorry it is not a surprise, I am no good with surprises. I just can't handle the wait).

nursing cover

nursing cover

Happy Thursday! I know I will. I have a date with H!O!T! guy tonight then a baby shower then The Office!


nicole said...

ummm...whoa you are seriously a machine!

Rima said...

Woow. Those little booties are just gorgeous. And so is the rest of your stuff.

Allison said...

Yes, the booties have a great new look to them--I get so yawn-tired with the old traditional bootie patterns!

The most popular said...

I LOVE the nursing cover fabric! Can you send me the name of the line or designer? I NEED some of it!! Email me if you can:

jessica said...

LOVE IT - the fabric is perfect! I couldn't have picked out cuter stuff myself! Thanks Jenni. I second Nicole's comment - you are really a machine! How do you do it all!!
No really - how do you do it??

Cheryl said...

Love your goodies you are giving for your baby gift. I am really loving the crochet booties. Love the look. Would you mind sharing the pattern source?