Monday, February 23


February 296

Quilting went really well! Although 50 minutes in, I had a frantic phone call to my mom, the expert quilter. It was so hard to manage the quilt in the machine because it is so big. She gave me some tips and reminded me that crafting is fun. Thanks mom! After that it really was fun. I forgot to get material for the binding so the finished product will have to wait. My daughter decided to play an hour long game of "night night" with the blanket. So I wasn't able to get good pictures. I am very excited for the quilt to be washed and all crinkly.

February 285
(nevermind that big thread ball on the left. it is bothering me)

I did learn some good things about my machine and thread. I thought brown thread would be good for the top. ughhh. I hate the back of the quilt now with all that brown stitching, not ideal for my first attempt at this. I messed up the thread and didn't have the same kind of thread in the bobbin and on top which made for tension problems. I am a bit worried about washing the quilt because the material is old and somewhat falling apart. It is old but at least it finally got some love put in to it. Oh I hate to admit this but I am sore! Maneuvering the fabric in the machine required some serious triceps contraction. So pathetic that I am sore from sewing. It was like that time I was sore from pipetting. I hope you all had wonderful weekends!


nicole said...

ooo i like your new header. the quilt looks great! i would be sore too. i got sore a few weeks ago after holding a 6 month old for an hour! pathetic...

Kristin9204 said...

Isn't it so nice to work on a project that you have had for so long. I have some projects like that lingering around my house. And I love Lilly's hair! So cute!!! She looks like a little girl. You have to keep the hair, it is required. I have some of mine in my baby book.

Stephanie said...

I just had to add my two bits:
I LOVE the brown thread on the back, I think it looks so good!!!

Taccolina said...

Hi! Just came across your blog... I like that brown stitching on the back, too. Sometimes my quilts don't get their full style until the binding is on. It can make a huge difference to how the back looks!